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ISSN : 2671-9940(Print)
ISSN : 2671-9924(Online)
Journal of the Korean Society of Fisheries and Ocean Technology Vol.55 No.3 pp.181-189

Analysis on the body size selectivity for multi-species of discarding juvenile fishes in the bottom trawl

Yonghae KIM*


Discarding juvenile fishes under girth 16 cm nearly equal to inner perimeter of codend mesh size collected by a cover net method in bottom trawl. The body size of the main five species (mackerel, horse mackerel, sea bream, melon seed and black throat seaperch) was measured for their body length, girth, weight, height and width and analyzed size selectivity. Frequency of penetrating fish as retention in a cover net was less than 40% of total number of juvenile discarding fish. The most of body length or girth of five species were significantly different between in the codend and in the cover net. The 50% selection girth in the cover net ranged 8-11 cm were smaller than those in the codend ranged 9-13 cm by the species respectively. The 50% selection body length was significantly related with the ratio of body height (H) by body width (W) both for in the codend or in the cover net while 50% selection girth was not significantly related with H/W. Furthermore 50% selection fish size by fish species between in the codend and in the cover net was not significantly different both in body length or girth. Therefore, the girth selectivity represented possibly as one unique value regarding fish body shape was considered as more useful method for multi-species catch in trawl.