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ISSN : 2671-9940(Print)
ISSN : 2671-9924(Online)
Journal of the Korean Society of Fisheries and Ocean Technology Vol.60 No.2 pp.114-127

A variation of fish assemblage by trammel net in the coastal waters of Sagye-ri, southern Jeju Island

Jun-Cheol KO*, Bo-Yeon KIM, Song-Heon HAN, M in-Sun K IM, Jung-Hyun KWAK


A variation of fish assemblage in the coastal waters of Sagye-ri, southern Jeju Island was determined using samples collected by trammel net from 2012 to 2022. The total fish species caught by trammel net were identified 88 species, 46 families, 12 orders, and the number of appearance and biomass were 3,479 individuals and 883.6 kg. The annual variation of species was the highest in 2013 at 46 species and the lowest in 2021 at 30 species. The seasonal variation of species was higher in summer at 67 species and lower in winter, autumn at 47 species. The annual diversity index, evenness index, and richness index were appeared 2.42-3.00, 0.69-0.78 and 5.18-7.24 at each years. The dominance index appeared highest in 2013 and the lowest in 2018. Cluster analysis based on the number of individuals of fish was classified into two groups at the dissimilarity level of 57%, and results of SIMPROF analysis revealed significant differences in community structure among the two groups. The subtropical fishes were identified a total of 42 species (47.7%) and the number of species was higher in 2013 at 25 (54.3%) species and lower in 2018 and 2021 at each 17 (54.8~56.7%) species. The dominant species of subtropical fishes were appeared rabbit fish (Siganus fuscescens), scarbreast tuskfish (Choerodon azurio), bluestriped angelfish (Chaetodontoplus septentrionalis), balloon fish (Diodon holocanthus), and flag fish (Goniistius zonatus) at study sites.