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ISSN : 2671-9940(Print)
ISSN : 2671-9924(Online)
Journal of the Korean Society of Fisheries and Ocean Technology Vol.57 No.3 pp.246-255

Estimation of maneuverability of fisheries training vessel BAEK-KYUNG using numerical simulation method

Su-Hyung KIM, Chun-Ki LEE1*, Yoo-Won LEE2


Most fishing vessels are less than 100 m in length (LBP), which is not mandatory for the IMO standards for ship maneuverability. Therefore, research on estimating the maneuverability of fishing vessel hull shapes are somewhat lacking compared to that of merchant ship hull shapes, and at the design stage, the numerical simulation method developed for merchant ships are applied without modification to estimate the maneuverability. Since this can cause estimation errors, the authors have derived a modified empirical formula that can improve the accuracy of estimating the maneuverability of fishing vessels in a previous study. In this study, using the modified empirical formula, the IMO maneuverability evaluation items, the turning motion test and Z-test simulations were performed on the fisheries training vessel BAEK-KYUNG and compared with the sea trial test result to verify the validity of the modified empirical formula. In conclusion, the modified empirical formula was able to estimate quantitatively and qualitatively similar to the result of the sea trial test. Such a study on estimating the maneuverability of fishing vessels will be a good indicator for fishing vessel operators and will help them analyze marine accidents.