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ISSN : 1225-827X(Print)
ISSN : 2287-4623(Online)
Journal of the Korean Society of Fisheries and Ocean Technology Vol.55 No.2 pp.162-171

The improvement of the shellfish dredge vessel in Jeonnam province

Sang-Jun PARK,Choong-Sik JANG1*,Young-Su AN1,Song-Han JIN2,Youn-Hyoung CHO3


This study is aimed to develop an improved shellfish dredge vessel considering the increase of the fishing safety and welfare of fishermen in Jeonnam province. We visited five fishing village societies in Korea, and conducted field surveys and survey questions to investigate the current status. In order to solve the problems presented by the investigation, a general arrangement of the improvement vessel was written and adopted after meeting between the fishermen and research team, and calculated the initial stability in five loading conditions by using the Napa program. As a result of field surveys and survey questions, the existing vessel have buoyant materials under the bow and the warp pass through the wheel-house. In addition, most fishing equipment and nets are concentrated on a narrow stern, making it difficult to work efficiently. According to the survey, fishermen also responded that operation of casting and hauling is very inconvenient. The fishing equipment of the improvement vessel was rearranged, the size of the wheel-house and the crew room was increased, and we secured a basic welfare space. As a result of the initial stability test, the stability criteria of the fishing vessel were satisfied in all loading condition.