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ISSN : 1225-827X(Print)
ISSN : 2287-4623(Online)
Journal of the Korean Society of Fisheries and Ocean Technology Vol.55 No.2 pp.121-128

Fishes distribution and their connection to artificial reefs off Bukchon, Jeju Island using geographic information system

Myounghee KANG,Rina FAJARYANTI1,Bongkyu JUNG,Eun-A YOON2,Eunbi MIN3,Kyounghoon LEE4,Woo-Seok OH3,Geunchang PARK3,Young-Jae SHIN5,Yong-Suk CHOI5,Byung-Ho YI5,Doojin HWANG4*


Various artificial reefs provide the fish habitat and nursery, and contribute the improvement of fisheries productivity. The evaluation methods of fishery resources in the artificial reefs have been done by fishing, scuba diving, underwater camera, and scientific echo sounder/sonar. There are a number of studies using echosounders on the quantitative and qualitative evaluations of artificial reefs in various seas around the world. This study focused on the spatial distribution of fishes around artificial reefs and the influential area of reefs off Bukchon, Jeju Island. Not only acoustic data but also various properties of artificial reefs were used in the geographic information system to extract relevant results. As a result, the major material of reefs on this study site was concrete and the number of reefs with that material was the most. The volume of reefs consisted of steel only and steel with riprap was considerably large compared to other reefs. The average NASC in the vertical distribution of fishes in artificial reefs was 31.6 m2/nm2 in April, and that was 61.3 m2/nm2 in June. The distance between the fish school and their nearest reef in June morning had a wide range from 750 to 3250 m. On the basis of the influence ray of artificial reefs, it had a tendancy of NASC to decrease with distance from the reef in the June morning. It is a preliminary study to present the geospatial analysis example to understand a better way of comprehensive artificial reef environments.