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ISSN : 1225-827X(Print)
ISSN : 2287-4623(Online)
Journal of the Korean Society of Fisheries and Ocean Technology Vol.55 No.2 pp.105-120

The estimation of fishery resources collected by shrimp beam trawl, gill net and longline near marine ranching area, Tongyeong, Korea

Youn-Hyoung CHO,Choong-Sik JANG1*,Young-Su AN1,Eun-Hye KOH2


The species composition and abundance variations of fishery resources in the adjacent marine ranching area, Tongyeong, Korea, were investigated by shrimp trawl, gill net, and longline during the period of July, September, and October in 2016. During the study period, the total catch were 8,522.9 kg with 34 species from the shrimp trawl, 32 species from the gill net, and nine species from the longline. The dominant species were different by gear, which were Hypodytes rubripinnis and Parapercis sexfasciata in the shrimp trawl, Platycephalus indicus and Raja kenojei in the gill net, and Conger myriaster and Scomber Japonicus in the longline. In terms of spatial distribution, Yongchodo showed the highest total catch in number as well as of in weight while Jukdo showed the lowest total catch in number and Bijindo showed the lowest total catch in weight. The amount of demersal fish resources in the survey area estimated as 301 ha, was 99,396 individuals which was converted to be 8,552.9 kg. The amount of demersal fish resources by gear were of trawling area, which area is 127 ha, were 76,251 and 3,489.5 kg, 74 ha in the gill net and longline survey area was 16,213 and 3,457.3 kg, and the other 100 ha area was 6,932 and 1,606.1 kg. In this study, the minimum resources for demersal fish is 61,687 and 4,265.2 kg, and the maximum is 149,439 and 14,197.9 kg.